Wednesday 28 March 2012

VI Jornadas de SIG Libre

Last week I was in Girona attending the sixth edition of the Jornadas de SIG Libre. This is an annual event run by SIGTE, an organisation belonging to the University of Girona that is dedicated to geospatial research, training and knowledge transfer. I first came across SIGTE last year when I attended a summer school they run on open GIS software.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Apple's maps

The discovery last week that Apple seems to have used some tiles from Open Street Map (OSM) in its new iOS version of the iPhoto application has provoked speculation about yet another company making the switch to OSM. However, it seems that the data used is from some time ago, and even contained errors which have since been corrected in OSM. One great advantage of community sourced mapping is that errors get detected and corrected. The data has also been used with no attribution of its source, a condition of using OSM data.

Friday 2 March 2012

Have Google Maps taken the wrong road?

It started with one or two isolated reports of companies abandoning the use of Google Maps for their websites and switching to Open Street Map (OSM) as their map server. One of the main reasons behind such a move has been Google's decision to change their charging policy for use of their maps. This seems to have forced some smaller companies into a position where they effectively had little choice but to look for a cheaper option.

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